S1E28. Father Shannon’s Heaux Story: Author, Former Christian Fundamentalist, Now Transgender Theologian


Shannon TL Kearns is a transgender man who believes in the transformative power of story. He is an ordained priest, a playwright, and a theologian. He is the co-founder of QueerTheology.com which has reached more than a million people all over the world through videos, articles, and online courses and community. His first book “In the Margins: A Transgender Man’s Journey With Scripture” comes out August 9 from Eerdmans Publishing. Shannon is a recipient of the Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellowship in 20/21 and he was a Lambda Literary Fellow for 2019 and a Finnovation Fellow for 2019/2020. He is a sought after speaker on transgender issues and religion as well as a skilled facilitator of a variety of workshops.

You can connect with him on social media @shannontlkearns (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter) or on his website: http://www.shannontlkearns.com

Ms. Heauxly Coitus


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To be a heaux is to engage in consensual sex, be kind your yourself and partner(s), creative, fully embodied, unapologetic, powerful, and free.

Ms. Heauxly Coitus

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